Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SmockTip #5- Use Your Head

Let me introduce you to the SmockDo.  This is a unique and handy suggestion for storing art supplies AND looking stylish.  This practical updo can be done with a paint brush, pencil, pen, marker...many tools found in the art room.  It can be used to store one or multiple brushes at a time.  The SmockDo craze is sure to hit the runways before long!
Hair storage + wearing a smock = ultra prepared teacher!

Friday, February 22, 2013

An Art Teacher's Revelation

Today I made a decision that will change the way I teach indefinitely.

I am never not wearing a smock again!
While wearing a smock I am transformed into a teacher with kangaroo-like practicality. The handy pouches have revolutionized my productivity with easy access to the things that I need for lessons.  My smock reduces scatterbrained moments by keeping everything at my fingertips. I love my smock so much that my only wish is that it had dozens of pockets and a tool loop to hold my stapler.

In my pouch today I had a spare pencil, a Sharpie, a paperclip to unclog pesky glue bottles, various paint brushes, a roll of tape, some blue tack, a thumb drive, a hair band, a band-aid, a breath mint, AND a recess whistle. What wasn't I prepared for?

If I ever return to being a classroom teacher, the smock is going with me.  It's usefulness is invaluable to any teacher!!!