Parent tips for encouraging art development at home:
·         When your child brings home a piece of artwork try to comment on the elements used in the work. Some things you might mention are the colors used, the kinds of lines used, shapes you see, etc.  Avoid asking,"What is it?" because it implies that you don't know and that the child has failed at accurately representing something. Children are proud of what they make, and are even more proud with specific praise about their work (ex. "I see that you made a blue line here, wow!")

·         Display your child's work in a visible area. Try not to compare other children's work, each child is unique and we all see the world differently.

·         Save a variety of your child's artwork in a special folder. It provides a unique record of your child's development and personality and you will enjoy looking through the collection in later years.

·         Provide your child with a variety of materials to explore at home. Blank paper, crayons, markers, pastels, scissors, and pencils are a few basic supplies that I would suggest you have available. Allow your child to explore and experiment with these materials independently. You can also add other materials like clay, string, watercolors, pipe cleaners, and fabric to give your child more choices.

·         Borrow art books from the library, or find calendars and postcards with art reproductions on them. This will support what I do on the classroom and will broaden their exposure to different kinds of art.

·         Join your child in quiet exploration of art materials and ideas. This will model artistic behavior--when a child sees his or her parent involved in artistic discovery, it strengthens the value of working visually rather than verbally.

Together we can provide a meaningful art experience for your child!
                             ~Mrs. Fox