Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Key to Successful Printmaking

I was feeling frustrated when the prints that my second graders were producing were not turning out nicely. I repeated a demo for the second time while referring to the steps of printmaking that were clearly listed on chart paper.  But while looking through prints after the second session of printing, I was disappointed in the quality once again.  

I had just started printmaking with the Kindergarteners and their prints were perfect. I reflected on what I was doing differently with the two grades, and figured out the key. COLLABORATION.  My Kindergarteners were making prints in small groups. One student worked at a time, with the teacher and peers offering tips and suggestions along the way.  I decided to take a step back with the second graders and have them work in cooperative groups during their next printing session.  The results were phenomenal!!! 

Collaboration is key in the art room! 

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