Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dr. Seuss

When I stumbled upon this Dr. Seuss project idea, I knew it would be a fun way to reinforce primary colors and introduce perspective to my Kindergarteners. It was also a great way to help prepare them for the upcoming Dr. Suess Day celebration organized by the librarian every March 2nd. 

My students had fun analyzing and acting out the difference between front perspective and side perspective.  The students took turns standing in front of the group, first facing front and then facing the side. "She has two eyes. Woa! Now I can only see one eye!" 

When it came time to sketch, each student chose which perspective to tackle.  I circulated around the room and taught mini-lessons to table groups or individuals who needed further assistance.  Students had fun adding details like scale patterns, eyelashes, and facial expressions to their fish.

Sketching with black oil pastels provided wax-resist borders when students painted their fish with primary tempera cakes.

The finished fish were adorable and provided a great display for Dr. Seuss Day.

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