Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nursery News

I am very lucky to teach the youngest students at our school. The Nursery students are 3-year-olds who attend half days. They come to the art room once a week for thirty minutes of exploration. Even though the Nursery students are young, they can still engage in well-rounded art experiences. 
We started the year exploring color and movement inspired by the great artists Morris Louis, Helen Frankenthaler, and Jackson Pollock.  
Students used primary color markers and spray bottles of water to achieve a blurred color mixing effect like Morris Louis.
Students used liquid watercolors and pipettes to pour and squeeze paint like Helen Frankenthaler.
Condiment bottles full of tempera paint enabled students to "action paint" by moving their arms and creating twisting lines like Jackson Pollock.

Note:  One of my favorite sites full of art experiences for young children is So Says Sarah. If you are a teacher or parent of young artists, you should check it out!

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