Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kindergarten Self-Portraits

I like to do a portrait project with each grade level in the year.  With Kindergartners, my focus is on students including all of the vital parts of a portrait (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, eyebrows, neck).  I remembered Bruce Blitz, the cartoon artist who was on TV when I was younger. He would use little tricks to help build drawings, for example using a letter or number as the base for a portrait.

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I searched his online video clips and those of others and found some portrait drawing tricks that I knew the Kindergartners could connect with.

The trick that they were most successful with uses the word "boy" as a base to draw a portrait.  See the video demo below:
The Kindergartners were able to use this technique to draw portraits of themselves. They used hand mirrors to look at their own features as they filled in the details. The results were awesome!
I loved the self-portrait drawings so much, that I shrunk the images down on the copy machine to make smaller versions to press onto foam printing plates.  We used the images for a printmaking project as well.

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