Sunday, October 21, 2012

SmockTip #1- Hang on to those pizza boxes!

SmockTips are simple tips of what works in my art classroom. I hope you find them helpful! 

Early Childhood art is all about exploration.  A great way for young children to explore line is to have them dip a ball in paint and roll it. They are excited to see that a rolling ball creates a line!  You're thinking, "Hmm...dipping balls in paint with a class of Pre-Kindergarteners...that sounds way too messy." Not with this simple tip.  

  1. Cut a piece of square paper and tape it inside a pizza box.  
  2. Have the students dip a marble in tempera paint. 
  3. Place the marble on the paper & close the lid. 
  4. Shake the box gently.  
  5. Open the lid, check out your awesome lines, and repeat with a variety of paint colors. 
Containing the paint-dipped marbles inside a pizza box helps limit the "messiness" of this project. Pre-Kinder students also enjoy the movement aspect of this activity and are able to get their wiggles out while creating beautiful line art! 

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