Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

Dream Classroom
Such a great space!
I have been extremely fortunate to have landed in my dream classroom this school year.  A new early childhood center has been under construction for the past three years, and finally opened its doors at the start of this school year.  I went from having the worst classroom in the school (a former maintenance workroom turned into an art room-- it could barely hold enough working tables for the students, only had one sink, and had very little storage), to now having the best room in the entire school.

My new classroom is on the top floor of the building in a corner, which allowed for two walls to have floor to ceiling windows-- plenty of natural light!!!! I have a very large discussion area with a brand new Cleverboard mounted to the wall for lessons.  There are four extra long working tables for the students, an en-suite bathroom, a very large lockable storage room for supplies, and a wall of sinks with six faucets and a trough. 

If it couldn't get any better, I was able to order brand new furniture for the classroom as well.  What a difference to work in a purpose-built room with art-specific furniture!  

I am not saying that you need a room with all the bells & whistles to teach art effectively, but it sure is nice : ) 
Nursery students painting at individual tabletop easel stations.
These tabletop easels are great! I have enough to make 16 easel stations. They fold flat for storage.
My daughter loves being creative in the new art room!

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