Monday, October 15, 2012


Welcome to Fox in Smocks!

My name is Mrs. Fox and as an art teacher I wear a smock every day. The image you see in the background is a photo of my favorite working smock, with beautiful smudges of colors and memories.

I am a homeroom teacher-turned art teacher.  The learning curve for me in the past few years as an art specialist has been high, and I am learning new things about how to best serve my students each day.  I currently teach art to children in Nursery through 2nd grade.  I have searched art educator blogs extensively, and there aren't many blogs out there for teachers in the same boat- former homeroom teacher + newer art teacher + early childhood art specialist + working mom.  So I decided that I would start documenting my adventures. This blog serves as personal reflection that will help me grow as an educator, and perhaps other educators out there will connect with my musings as well.


Mrs. Fox

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